Solitaire, FreeCell, Mahjongg, Calendar, etc. for TiVo DVRs

I know I mentioned Solitaire for the TiVo before, but now I've packaged it up nicely so it is easy to install and run... in fact I did that for a bunch of things. All are available at

Solitaire and FreeCell are about what they were before, but there are now 2 versions, one without and another with all of my "Multitasker" features added (pictured) since those features are still difficult to configure and are a little unstable anyhow. And, of course, they're easy to install now (one download, unzip it, run the .bat file, enjoy on the TiVo DVR)

Mahjongg for TiVo was actually created by Gene Wadleigh a long time ago... his project was abandoned and didn't work with the current TiVo software, so I fixed it up and have finally made a good package that is easy to get running.

The Calendar is a handy little application for checking any "ical" format file or URL to check out what is on that calendar... it comes preconfigured with a few sports calendars, but it's really ideal for hooking up to your Google calender like I did... we use it most days to do a quick check of our calendars.

Also available is a simple package of my Multitasker software with the sample MultiSlideshow application (Pictures + Music/Podcasts + News ticker...) which, when configured correctly, can be used over and over again for a variety of contents... I use it a bunch of times to have
  1. My pictures and music on my computer with titles of both (plus info one whatever my TiVo DVR is currently recording) ticking across the bottom. It also displays the current song's album cover as one of the pictures when the song changes.
  2. The LOLCats pictures with comedy music from my computer with the picture titles ticking across the bottom (along with music titles and DVR recording information) (also ones for and )
  3. Local news channel traffic cameras and radar images and forecast pictures with the news channel's own audio podcasts of news and weather from that morning with local news stories from their RSS feed ticking across the bottom.


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