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Natural Rotational Ambigrams

What's that? Ok, an ambigram is a word that reads the same (or reads something else) when turned in some way (reflected, rotated, etc). Natural Rotational Ambigrams are a subset of that which I like to experiment with. They're rotational ambigrams (they look the same when you turn them over (rotate)) and they're natural in that they don't use any artistic alteration to create them, just a typical English text font. It helps to have non- D'Nealian a's ("hook" a's) since they look like e's (and vice versa) when rotated. Anyhow, over several years I experimented more and more with what was possible, at different levels of rigor, and I haven't messed with it in a few years, so I might as well post what I came up with, right? Here's some of my favorites. They aren't much, which gives you an idea of how hard this ended up being. Single words: I o nu axe ale pod mow seas haley paled saxes sales swims solos passed sasses Symbiotogram