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Don't lock yourself out of XP

... like I did. My daughter accidentally set the password on the only administrator account on my Windows XP computer, then promptly forgot what it was. That was an interesting delimma... many sources said not having another administrator account or any other protective measures meant I was stuck and would have to reinstall Windows . A little searching found a method to clear your password if you have your Windows XP install CD and your product key (I have no idea where mine are... got it from Emachines, so I might not even have a proper install CD, just a "recovery" CD). It ends up there are also a number of "less reputable" products (in that they are something the bad guys probably use) that can either clear out your passwords, or actually crack them for you. I ended up using Ophcrack (on SourceForge, so I felt more comfortable with it, even given its name) which was able to crack a few passwords, including my daughter's, but not all of them. It only ha

Ok, so I got a blog

Why not... Google/ just made it too easy not to do it ;] Ok, so my real website is , but this place is more likely to have recent content. I just finally updated my website after 6 years of stagnation because NetIdentity sold to Tucows who sold to domaindirecthosting who screwed up the transition and made my whole site go "under construction"... I had been working on a new front page, so I finished it, added a quick and dirty thing on my current TiVo software obsession and threw it all up there. I just created a group to talk about the TiVo stuff , too... not that there weren't enough already, but I like Yahoo Groups and it's easy to do...and I already had an account there unlike the other discussion boards. I put some screenshots there, and posted a description of most of the stuff I've done. A few things are "already been done" things as I look a little harder at and the like, but I know th