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Graph of Recent Air Quality and Allergens in Albuquerque

Since the City of Albuquerque only publishes a daily report of this information but no graph, I started making a Google Spreadsheet graph of it in 2015 (actually in 2013, but that was allergens-only). They take 5 or less readings a week so this is around a year's worth (the last 220 or so readings). I offered the city website a link to one of my graphs a while back, but I guess I have to publish it myself instead. The pollen is a moving average on a logarithmic scale since those numbers vary wildly. I also included two dim lines for East Side and West Side totals. They stop taking pollen readings between about November and March. I personally have an issue with something that has an extra bloom right at the end of October, probably Juniper, and so the stop in readings doesn't help, plus I have only graphed TOTAL pollen here. The Air Quality is on a scale that approximates their warning system.  Usually the only significant things are particulates and Ozone. Some d