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Enter Webz - Beta Release

Today I'm announcing "Enter Webz" - the world's first web browser for the TiVo DVR. This is just a Beta release. This release is available for download from if you have a TiVo DVR. More information is in the documentation . Just download, unzip, and run the .bat file, then look in "Music, Photos, and More" or "Showcases and Apps" or equivalent, depending on your TiVo model. You'll get Enter Webz, and a couple of shortcuts to Google and (where you can listen to public domain music, or watch public domain videos and movies on your TV). It will also launch the TiVo's YouTube app for any YouTube URLs you encounter. It's ugly and buggy still, but today's the last day of my vacation, so I may not get a chance to work on this for a while.