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TiVo Software available for download!

I finally took some time last night to upload the current state of my TiVo software, so it's now available to download at . I haven't taken the time to make it easy to install, though... you currently have to install Galleon as a host for the software. And, it ends up, if you want Tivo Solitaire, you have to download all the files that I've uploaded since it depends on the Solitaire Engine and it depends on Multitasker which depends on all the other files to do all its features. Maybe I'll make a non-Multitasker version (trivially done) just for quick setup. Anyhow, go to my TiVo page and you'll find everything to download. Feel free to ask if you need help.

And the winner is...

I sometimes forget that I seem to have above-average luck in giveaways... I happened to notice the TiVo Blog was doing one, so I "entered" (by posting a comment ) and lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of a TiVo plush, some TiVo coasters, and TiVo "ears." Total retail value almost $22! 1 out of over 80 posted comments... that's pretty good luck, I'd say. Not a bad day's haul for a school snow day / 2 hour work-delay day.