Happy Sukkot!

We got our first Sukkah up this year! We got a kit and it went very smoothly...until the heavy wind and rain storm the first night of Sukkot :-/ That's a lesson in "just barely enough isn't enough." Hardware store had 6' and 8' boards to use for the roof structure... I wanted 6.5' so I went with the 6' ... which left no room for shaking in the wind. We rebuilt with the 8' the next day.

Here's the time-lapse of our Sukkah building!

Messy Yard:

Prepped Yard:

Hard at work:

Roofless, but standing:


Roof collapsed and soaked after first night it was used. :[


  1. Tricia says the Rabbi, on hearing of our Sukkah collapse, remarked "It wouldn't be Sukkot without one [a collapse]!"


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