Bird Flu?

Ok, bad joke...

On 10/4 my son happened to be in the living room and called out "there's a bird in the fireplace!" ... I came over and heard the chirping and saw some flapping myself. (Get it now? Fireplace...flu ...told you it was a bad joke)

Not much to tell except it was so dark that we could only really see it well in the flash pictures.

When we opened the cover, it just hid behind the fake logs, so my wife Tricia started dismantling (hey, another pun!) the log stack.

She eventually got hold of it so we could release it out in the front yard.

My uneducated guess says it's a thrasher... a confused one.


  1. Your guess is more educated than most - I would say bird indeed is indeed a thrasher, curved bill or brown (hard to tell from photo ... or in real life). Thrashers love working close to the ground, and once one hopped right into the open deck door as your Mom was watching - she commented, "Well, you're a cheeky little b*#s&#*d!!"
    Janet Sjulin was my go-to guru for bird expertise at Sandia.
    Good photos! great excitement!

  2. Birds used to occasionally come down the chimney in my parent's home. We could hear them flapping around in the coal stove (in the summer) so we'd open the door and they'd flop out, then flap around the house. My older sister would run hide while I collected it in a pitcher or something then released it outside. Fun!


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