Friday, December 26, 2014

Enter Webz 1.0 - TiVo Apps

I have finally released Enter Webz out of beta.

While it is still available to download at, I am also running it on a public server at

Enter Webz brings Internet content to the TiVo DVR as Weather, News, Video, Music, Comic, and Social apps.
It includes the ability to play MP3s and Internet Radio, and to play MP4 and MPEG video as well as YouTube videos.

I will mainly provide support for it via the Tivo Community Forums at this post:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Enter Webz - Beta Release

Today I'm announcing "Enter Webz" - the world's first web browser for the TiVo DVR.
This is just a Beta release.

This release is available for download from if you have a TiVo DVR.
More information is in the documentation.

Just download, unzip, and run the .bat file, then look in "Music, Photos, and More" or "Showcases and Apps" or equivalent, depending on your TiVo model.
You'll get Enter Webz, and a couple of shortcuts to Google and (where you can listen to public domain music, or watch public domain videos and movies on your TV).
It will also launch the TiVo's YouTube app for any YouTube URLs you encounter.

It's ugly and buggy still, but today's the last day of my vacation, so I may not get a chance to work on this for a while.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural Rotational Ambigrams

What's that? Ok, an ambigram is a word that reads the same (or reads something else) when turned in some way (reflected, rotated, etc).
Natural Rotational Ambigrams are a subset of that which I like to experiment with. They're rotational ambigrams (they look the same when you turn them over (rotate)) and they're natural in that they don't use any artistic alteration to create them, just a typical English text font. It helps to have non-D'Nealian a's ("hook" a's) since they look like e's (and vice versa) when rotated.

Anyhow, over several years I experimented more and more with what was possible, at different levels of rigor, and I haven't messed with it in a few years, so I might as well post what I came up with, right?
Here's some of my favorites. They aren't much, which gives you an idea of how hard this ended up being.

Single words:
  • I
  • o
  • nu
  • axe
  • ale
  • pod
  • mow
  • seas
  • haley
  • paled
  • saxes
  • sales
  • swims
  • solos
  • passed
  • sasses
Symbiotogram words:
  • pa/ed
  • ma/ew
  • yo/oh
  • aw/me
  • id/pi
  • my/hw (homework)
  • sol/los (spanish)
  • pep/dad
  • wow/mom
  • les/sal (names)
  • aid/pie
  • ail/lie
  • say/hes
  • hey/hay
  • any/hue
  • [ape/ade]
  • [ame/awe]
  • aha/eye
  • med/paw
  • mad/pew
  • may/hew
  • dew/map
  • pam/wed
  • hem/way
  • ped/pad
  • dow/mop
  • hew/may
  • pal/led
  • deal/leap
  • wool/loom
  • plow/mold
  • sumo/owns
  • lieu/nail
  • same/awes
  • spam/weds
  • [shep/days]
  • shed/pays
  • [shem/ways]
  • says/shes
  • hold/ploy
  • held/play
  • sail/lies
  • pail/lied
  • hems/sway
  • liem/wail
  • hems/sway
  • sans/sues
  • pans/sued
  • deus/snap (Latin)
  • pals/sled
  • ales/sale
  • pies/said
  • sled/pals
  • lead/peal
  • sped/pads
  • sheds/spays
  • salem/wales
  • dooms/swoop
  • [saids/spies]
  • passe/assed
  • ended/papau (new guinea)
  • sassed/passes
  • pallid/pilled
Phrases with one word which rotates into several words:
  • say seal leashes
  • a seal lease
  • a snow mouse
  • a pew madeas dill a ellipse
  • ewes sam a
  • i was semi
  • pa pie aided
  • six ale alexis
  • pa lies sailed
  • pass as sod possessed
  • pass as sod sip dispossessed
  • a sod pose
  • oil od polio
  • spun od pounds
  • a as see
  • pa as seed
  • papa as seeded
  • papa as unseeded
  • papa a sun unseeded
  • she puns sundays
  • he puns sunday
Some favorite phrases and weird sentences:
  • am I we?
  • undue woman pun
  • said I, "sale's Wed."| pam: sales, I: pies
  • ha! u owe a moo sound. p u no! so owe a money
  • aw, o, s-sue? aw, papa, a 'use as needed' means 'some'
  • "pep" pam says, "wow" | mom, shes wed dad
  • mom wailed: shes passed. says pa liem: wow
  • wow! hold pam, shes mad | pew says wed ploy, mom
  • spam made hay | hey, a pew weds
  • papa, a sun shed dew | mad pays unseeded
  • wow i was semi mad | pew i was semi mom
  • pa lies, says "'six ale' alexis? she's sailed."
  • sued sumo owns pans
  • we you loom wool no ham
And my favorite:
  • he puns "hey, hay!" sunday
q is a little more difficult since it has to be followed by a u, so the rotation has to have an n followed by a b!
  • play aqua as any hue seen beheld
  • aqua palm ode aye a heap owl eden be
  • an bed opaque
Taking it a little further (allowing j and r to be considered rotations of each other):
  • jazzer
  • jaded paper
  • her jay
  • [jem war]
  • a joys shore
  • pale aqua jewel llama ran bealed
  • soliloquy or John Bolilo's
  • a joshua an bed pa queeny sore
  • horseman bed open by sal lesh quad opaque was joy
And letting t be its own rotation (a plus might work better):
  • jaunt tuner
  • smart jews
Ok... so it's just weird. But kind of fun.
Maybe next I'll post the rotatable pictures I started doing to go with some of these.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Solitaire, FreeCell, Mahjongg, Calendar, etc. for TiVo DVRs

I know I mentioned Solitaire for the TiVo before, but now I've packaged it up nicely so it is easy to install and run... in fact I did that for a bunch of things. All are available at

Solitaire and FreeCell are about what they were before, but there are now 2 versions, one without and another with all of my "Multitasker" features added (pictured) since those features are still difficult to configure and are a little unstable anyhow. And, of course, they're easy to install now (one download, unzip it, run the .bat file, enjoy on the TiVo DVR)

Mahjongg for TiVo was actually created by Gene Wadleigh a long time ago... his project was abandoned and didn't work with the current TiVo software, so I fixed it up and have finally made a good package that is easy to get running.

The Calendar is a handy little application for checking any "ical" format file or URL to check out what is on that calendar... it comes preconfigured with a few sports calendars, but it's really ideal for hooking up to your Google calender like I did... we use it most days to do a quick check of our calendars.

Also available is a simple package of my Multitasker software with the sample MultiSlideshow application (Pictures + Music/Podcasts + News ticker...) which, when configured correctly, can be used over and over again for a variety of contents... I use it a bunch of times to have
  1. My pictures and music on my computer with titles of both (plus info one whatever my TiVo DVR is currently recording) ticking across the bottom. It also displays the current song's album cover as one of the pictures when the song changes.
  2. The LOLCats pictures with comedy music from my computer with the picture titles ticking across the bottom (along with music titles and DVR recording information) (also ones for and )
  3. Local news channel traffic cameras and radar images and forecast pictures with the news channel's own audio podcasts of news and weather from that morning with local news stories from their RSS feed ticking across the bottom.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Now that was a Thanksgiving worth blogging about ;]
Of course we have to start with the food. Tricia tried two turkey techniques she hasn't done before and was ecstatic with the result. Brining the turkey for a number of hours, and using Alton Brown's Turkey Triangle to keep the white meat moist. She said it was the most moist and just all around best turkey she has ever made. Although she wasn't happy with the experimental spelt dressing (which she enhanced the next night to great effect), that didn't take away from the fantastic meal which also included Charlene's requested sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and homemade mashed potatoes and turkey gravy all pictured here (in the foreground is a half-price centerpiece find from the turkey-buying trip... plus some embellishments by Ian).
I, on the other hand, successfully carved the turkey for the first time by getting a few turkey carving pointers from another video (I picked the shortest listing from search results, of course). They didn't mention in the video that the turkey was going to try to burn my fingers, though ;] And I still have no idea how he got such appropriate slices out of the thigh meat... mine just fell apart.
While things were cooking, the kids had the bright idea to break out Monopoly (in the back of the picture) which we may never before have played as a family of 4. Although the game was cut short (and recorded for picking up later in the weekend) by cooking and eating and so on, we all had fun. (Ian was winning).
Somewhere in the middle of all that, I successfully called my brother Doug for the first time who is stationed all the way over in Germany, and we all got to chat with him for a while which was really wonderful.
Earlier that day we had a visit from my Dad who brought some "heirloom" chairs we will be using in our dining room and a bag my mother owned he brought for Tricia which of course made her all choked up.
We all ended it with some homemade pumpkin and cherry crumble pie which were also superb (and with an unnoticeably gluten-free crust).
Yay turkeys!

Monday, December 29, 2008

TiVo Software available for download!

I finally took some time last night to upload the current state of my TiVo software, so it's now available to download at
I haven't taken the time to make it easy to install, though... you currently have to install Galleon as a host for the software.
And, it ends up, if you want Tivo Solitaire, you have to download all the files that I've uploaded since it depends on the Solitaire Engine and it depends on Multitasker which depends on all the other files to do all its features. Maybe I'll make a non-Multitasker version (trivially done) just for quick setup.

Anyhow, go to my TiVo page and you'll find everything to download. Feel free to ask if you need help.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the winner is...

I sometimes forget that I seem to have above-average luck in giveaways... I happened to notice the TiVo Blog was doing one, so I "entered" (by posting a comment) and lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of a TiVo plush, some TiVo coasters, and TiVo "ears." Total retail value almost $22! 1 out of over 80 posted comments... that's pretty good luck, I'd say.

Not a bad day's haul for a school snow day / 2 hour work-delay day.