And the winner is...

I sometimes forget that I seem to have above-average luck in giveaways... I happened to notice the TiVo Blog was doing one, so I "entered" (by posting a comment) and lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of a TiVo plush, some TiVo coasters, and TiVo "ears." Total retail value almost $22! 1 out of over 80 posted comments... that's pretty good luck, I'd say.

Not a bad day's haul for a school snow day / 2 hour work-delay day.


  1. I think that good luck is a Blackledge trait - we've always described it as "The Blackledge Angel" starting with (at least) your Grandfather Allan Douglas Blackledge.

    One example I recall is that when they stated a drawing at the Sandia Cafeteria, I entered and immediately won - a free lunch! I stopped entering immediately thereafter!

    El Papa

  2. ... so are we entered into a drawing for leaving these comments? ...


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