Ok, so I got a blog

Why not... Google/blogger.com just made it too easy not to do it ;]

Ok, so my real website is http://david.blackledge.com/, but this place is more likely to have recent content.
I just finally updated my website after 6 years of stagnation because NetIdentity sold to Tucows who sold to domaindirecthosting who screwed up the transition and made my whole site go "under construction"... I had been working on a new front page, so I finished it, added a quick and dirty thing on my current TiVo software obsession and threw it all up there.

I just created a group to talk about the TiVo stuff, too... not that there weren't enough already, but I like Yahoo Groups and it's easy to do...and I already had an account there unlike the other discussion boards.
I put some screenshots there, and posted a description of most of the stuff I've done.

A few things are "already been done" things as I look a little harder at www.tivocommunity.com and the like, but I know that I've got some new cool stuff.

Drop me a line if you want the software made available to download sooner than "when I get around to it."


  1. David: you mentioned the transition from NetIdentity to Tucows to DirectDomainHosting or whatever - however, you didn't mention about uploading to DirectDomainHosting - recently my uploads have 'failed' - have you noticed any of that?
    - El Potato

  2. I know I have trouble with using Windows to do the FTP connection - I have to use a different format than before. Now I use the format: ftp://my.site.com@my.site.com
    which Tells windows to do the right thing (and prompt you for the password).

    Noting that if you were to enter that in a browser, it just is for reading, you have to go to the "View" menu and ask it to open in Windows Explorer.

    Feels like I have to re-establish it that way every time, too... but I haven't uploaded much since my initial restoration.

  3. The link on the sidebar to the Yahoo group is invalid (it leaves out "groups").

    I'd like to see your Mahjonng game, if nothing else, since I was planning to write one myself.

  4. Doh! fixed the link.

    It's actually Gene Wadleigh's Mahjongg game on https://tivomahjongg.dev.java.net/
    (... uh oh...they've archived it - you might not be able to download it until it gets reactivated). I just downloaded it and fixed it (mostly) to work with the current SDK (he made it work with a really ancient version of the HME SDK)
    He actually did a really good job on it... it does hints and does decent navigation, but it's not complete - it doesn't have an opening screen, you just start out in the "select the tileset you want to use" page with no words or instructions to explain it ;]
    If I get a chance, I'll try to put it on the yahoo group or something.
    I only get a few hours a week to work on this stuff, so I'm sure you'd be a better person to take it over if you were planning on writing one ;]


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